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mikel g
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I am very glad that 'view previous topic' (within a forum) refers to the previous thread, rather than to a later one. I don't like to think backwards if I don't have to.

But wouldn't it be better to find the 'view previous' and 'view next' buttons at the bottom of a thread? That's invariably where I am when I am ready for the next topic. As is, I have to scroll back up (sometimes waaaay back up) to hit that button.
Is there any good reason they should be at the top only? Is there a quick way to get there, that's easier than dragging the side bar up?
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I agree

Post by Eric »

Good suggestion and it only took about 5 minutes to find a solution.

I don't want to install too many bells and whistles because they can start to conflict with each other and mess up the forum software. A simple one like this should not cause any trouble though.

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