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Casa Blanca Hot Spring
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Help, Please

Post by Casa Blanca Hot Spring »

Hi All,

Once again we ask, can anyone please direct us to a hot springs discussion group, forum, etc, that's accessible by these aging Web Dummies, with a capital "D"?

We will truly miss SF; it seems like only yesterday it started out.

THANK YOU to Bruce, Eric, and Kim and everyone else who made it work!

Warmly And Still Naturally Nude,
Camilla & Bill
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Re: Help, Please

Post by BNMac »

Na, you two would be able to deal with the most complicated, convoluted and constantly changing web site dealing with hundreds of thousands of topics, very few of which really matter to the vast majority of the membership.... Easy!

I'll be looking for a decent source as well. Obviously I don't have anything to offer per your request, but hey, we can all commiserate about it.

This site can be recreated elsewhere if someone wants to take on the task. It's not hard... (cough... mysql, mysql admin, ip madness phpbb, identity protection, constant updates, spammers, scammers, shoe pushers, hosting fees, handling users (a whole lifetime topic on its own), email management, ssl, robots.txt, etc etc ... cough) simple stuff!!!

There are several hot springs related pages out there, most are blogs where the focus is on one person. Else, discussion groups seems to have disappeared for the most part. Forum based boards like this are disappearing rapidly from the landscape due to the new social sitess, but hey, we socialized too.

If I had the time, I'd pull together a list & post it on my personal site. There are several links in the Links forum on this board, some resolve, most don't in this day and age. Search is your friend, my friend.
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