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https & SoakersForum

Post by BNMac »

Although not all of SoakersForum is encrypted, you can surf and post via the new URL. Over time I'll work on further enhancing the site to ensure it is secure.

Independent of site security, at least do the following: Change your passwords fairly frequently. Use a password on each site that is not used anywhere else.

If you forget your SoakersForum password, any of the Admins (Bruce (BNMac), Eric, Paul (Greyfalcon)) can change it for you. We cannot see your existing password, but we can set a new one.

We require a password that is 6 to 30 characters long, and contains at least letters and numbers. Use mixed case and punctuation, for example: Th@is1Is2M=y3Pa_ss4Wor-d. (not really, but you know, I also tell you where I keep my moola...B^)

I currently don't force password changes, but could set a timeout where we'd all be prompted to change our passwords on a periodic basis.

The problem with old passwords isn't necessarily the strength of the password, its because databases get stolen & the thieves have all the info they need. The key is to change your password frequently enough that when a database is stolen, you'll have changed it by the time they've decryped the password field strings and tied them with your username. They then use this info on the site where the nabbed it from, but also they try that username/password combo on other sites. Thieves are a crafty lot....

At this point in time, I'm not aware of the fact that SoakersForum database has ever been stolen. Our host, SiteGround does a very good job protecting their customer's data, but as we all know, breeches happen. SoakersForum has little in the way of value to a crook other than the user/password database so we wouldn't be much of a target.

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Re: https & SoakersForum

Post by Jeff Allen »

Thanks for all you do Bruce!

And the same goes for the rest of the admin team!!!
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