URL Copying And Pasting (Was "Search Is Over...." In NM)

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URL Copying And Pasting (Was "Search Is Over...." In NM)

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Hi Greyfalcon,

"Casa Blanca Hot Spring wrote:We also have: http://news.yahoo.com/ultra-marathon-ru ... --spt.html and wonder if that works. We suspect there's a problem with the ellipses after "ru", but we don't know.

Greyfalcon wrote:
> Ellipses won't work--you must have the entire string of characters in the URL copied & pasted in order for the link to work. Notice your link highlight/underline is cut off after "ru."

Right, we see that, but what we marked and copied, which was the whole URL with the story open beneath it, did not appear when we pasted it in our post. Some software gremlin seems to be re-arranging it for us, twice yet, which it did not do when we marked, copied and pasted the Tiny URL. We don't get it. Computer (T)Error.

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Re: URL Copying And Pasting (Was "Search Is Over...." In NM)

Post by Greyfalcon »

I honestly don't know what's going on there, C&B. I've always had success in simply highlighting the URL in the browser box, right clicking on it and selecting 'copy,' then using the URL speed button at the top of the message text box, and pasting my copied URL between the brackets.
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mikel g
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Re: URL Copying And Pasting (Was "Search Is Over...." In NM)

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I've never used the URL button to paste a link.
I just copy [Ctrl-C] the whole address and paste it [Ctrl-V] into the message text. It always then appears as a link.
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