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Soakers Forum Stats

Post by SoakerDude »


I would offer my compliments to the folks that manage this site. Really great to have a community develop and maintain after the many, many, many (is that enough?) times SN crashed and burned our history.

Thank you.

Site stats: how big is our community?

I sometimes wonder how many regular readers there are, how many unique visitors and the total traffic this site gets (outside of spambots - and what spam? Again, no shoe ads = excellent work!)

Thanks again for all you do.

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Re: Soakers Forum Stats

Post by Kim_S »

Soaker Dude, compliments really belong to Eric for creating and administering the forum and for Bruce who has taken over administration. These guys know what they are doing and have put some hard work into making the forum as good as it is today, plus they are passionate soakers to boot! We now have 409 registered members and probably many more that view the forum. The site gets a lot of traffic (Bruce or Eric could tell you more), and although we all have our differences of opinion as is human nature, virtually everyone here respects each other.
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Re: Soakers Forum Stats

Post by Eric »

You can click on "Members" near the top right of the page and sort the roster by "Last Active" to get a sense of how many people visit the forum regularly while they are logged in. Checking it now, it's about 30 in the last 24 hours, 55 in the last 4 days or so and around 100 in the last month. At the other end, about 150 of the 409 haven't visited in over a year. That says nothing about lurkers or registered members who view the forum while not logged in.

The other info is buried somewhere in Bruce's hosting account.
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anir dendroica
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Re: Soakers Forum Stats

Post by anir dendroica »

12093 total posts.

Over 50% of posts are by the top six posters.

Over 80% of posts are by the top 30 posters.

Proof that a successful forum requires a small core of active members - something we definitely have here.

(tied for #34 by post count)
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Re: Soakers Forum Stats

Post by Jeff Allen »

This is a great form.

Thanks to all who make it work!!!
...Soaking in the steam in 2015...
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